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About Us


At Just Dogs, we reckon there's no better expression of joy than to see a dog's happily wagging tail.

Our online store stocks a range of both essential and fun dog supplies for dogs of all kinds. And you can order with confidence! We are proudly New Zealand owned and operated and offer FREE shipping nationwide (exceptions apply).

Being dog owners with a keen interest in dog training, Just Dogs are also happy to offer advice to new or potential dog owners, or to trade stories with other experienced owners. So keep an eye out for us on Facebook, Google+ or sign up for our Newletter for more dog related content and stories.




Jeff & Chloe - Taking over from Febuary 2015, Chloe and Jeff are the humans owners taking care of Just Dogs. They are dog lovers who believe there is no greater expression of joy than a waggling tail. Their main duty at Just Dogs is to keep the royalty (Sherlock & Tachyon) content, but they also take care of the daily operations of Just Dogs.


Tachyon - Is a purebred Siberian Husky who knows she is the queen-bee of Just Dogs. Highly intelligent, inquisitive and loves to run, she is no couch puppy and loves to be involved with everything at just dogs.


Sherlock - Is a long-haired mini dachshund with a heart of gold. He is a charming prince who loves attention and seeks it from every person an dog he meets. Being a connoisseur of luxury, he enjoys cuddles, soft beds and most of all food, but it needs a lot of effort to keep him trim.

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From all of us here at Just Dogs,
Thank you very much and we hope you enjoy the information on our website and also our great products.  Please don't hesitate to txt or email us, we are always here to help.
Just Dogs

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