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Unhealthy dog food

Human Vitamin and Supplements – These can cause damage the lining of the digestive system and be toxic to the other organs including the liver and kidneys.

Macadamia Nuts – These can cause your dog to experience severe illness. The signs include vomiting, weakness, depression, uncoordination, paralysis, joint/muscle pain, and joint swelling.
Spoiled Foods - These can cause many problems for your do.  Food that is past its sell by date should be kept out reach and dog owners should be especially careful in keeping dogs away from rubbish bins. Dogs can pick up things like botulism which can cause paralysis, slow heart rate, constipation, and urine retention. Spoiled fruit also produces ethanol, causing the same effects associated with alcohol or dough ingestion. Rotten food contains toxins that may cause muscle tremors, convulsions and un-coordination.

Dairy Products – These may be difficult for dogs to digest as they are high in fat. They can also cause pancreatitis, gas and diarrhoea

Corn Cobs and Cooked Bones – these can cause obstruction in the gut and may cause perforation. After cooking, bones become brittle and may splinter. These splinters may cause choking, or may even puncture or become embedded in the intestinal tract or stomach. Some that are especially dangerous: turkey and chicken bones.
Some Raw Vegetables - Dogs can't easily digest most raw vegetables (carrots, green beans, lettuce, potatoes or yams) whole or in large pieces. Potato peels and green potatoes are toxic.
Citrus Oil Extract – this can cause vomiting

Household  Products

These include:-
Aspirin; Bleach; Boric Acid; Brake Fluid; Cleaning Fluids; Cigarettes; Deodorants; Deodorisers, Detergents; Disinfectants; Drain Cleaner; Dye; Fungicides; Furniture Polish; Hair colourings; Herbicides; Insecticides; Kerosene; Laxatives; Lead; Matches; Metal Polish; Moth Balls; Petrol; Nail Varnish and Remover; Paint and paint remover; Perming solutions; Phenol; Rat poison; Rubbing Alcohol; Shoe Polish; Sleeping Pills; Soap; Suntan lotions; Tar; Tinsel; Turpentine; Wood stains; Nicotine patches; nicotine chewing gum (10mg per 1kg is a toxic dose); prescription medications; and  weed killer.
Antifreeze – Dogs are attracted to this because it is sweet smelling but only a few licks are lethal and this can kill your dog within just a few hours. If you think your dog has ingested antifreeze contact your vet immediately.
Snail and Slug Pellets – This can be extremely toxic as it contains chemicals such as arsenic and metaldehyde. Symptoms include acute thirst, drooling, diarrhoea, vomiting, disorientation, confusion, loss of co-ordination, weakness in muscles. It is really important to get your dog to the vet immediately if you suspect it of eating slug pellets as delay may result in death of your dog. After treatment you can expect your dog to be lethargic for some time as the toxins work their way out of your dog’s system. Many slug pellet brands are highly toxic, however, there are products available that are safe to use around pets. It is always wise to check the label before buying.
Polyurethane Glue: Dogs may be attracted to either the smell or taste of glue, and may try to chew on the bottles. If swallowed, the glue expands to form a mass in the stomach and may need to be surgically removed.

String - Can become trapped in the digestive system; called a "string foreign body."
Coins – These often contain zinc which can cause kidney failure and damage red blood cells. If your dog swallows a coin it is important that you get expert help immediately as if not removed your dog can become quite ill and die.
If you suspect your dog has been accidentally poisoned, get help straight away – DO NOT INDUCE VOMITTING unless instructed to do so by a professional  vet. 





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